The Very Least You Can Do

I believe that working every day with the goal of financial independence

in mind is the very least that you can do for yourself,

your family, and for the community at-large.

It takes a lot more to push somebody up a hill

than it does to pull them up from above.

Call it social gravity.


Lew Lew

Pardon the Interruption

The code at the header is completely unintentional.

It effectively serves as a barrier to my accessing my WP blog

page and is wholly an unforced error on my part.

I was trying to experiment with using my existing WP site ( my blog page)

to get the word out to the general public about what I’m doing artistically.

Unfortunately, I chose a program that was a little over my head technollogically

so I wound up with this code at the top of my blog.

I will count myself lucky if this blog gets through.

You guys probably won’t hear from me on this blog page until I get this

code mess straightened out.


Lew Lew

Another Lick

Hey! Happy Easter Sunday, everyone! Glad to have made it this far- again.Life is SO short.

I got in a couple of good licks toward writing my bio/press release for my third album (“Goody Bag”).

Had to shelve the effort when this thought popped up demanding to be recorded. It goes in

my new book of poems and sayings. Wanna see it? It goes like this:










(LEW HOPSON 1/1/16)

That’s all for this AM, kidddies! Hopefully communicate with youse tamarrah!

Lew Lew


STILL A Good Day

Went to the store last night to get a box of grits. Couldn’t find grits by the box. Store manager said they stopped carrying them. They only sell the packets now. Left there and went to the drug store where I learned that the coupon for eggs expired the day before. Left there and went to the pizza place only to find out they stopped selling the bacon-wrapped deep dish pizza that my wife and I loved two weeks ago. Left there and rented two movies from the little red box.You guessed it. One of the movies not only refused to play, I had to unplug the dvd player to turn it off and get the faulty disc out. It wouldn’t even eject the movie. Left there and bought some chocolate-covered doughnuts that had almost no taste all.

Did I mention that on the way to the first stop, my right calf started hurting when I put weight on the leg FOR NO REASON AT ALL? The pain was hard enough to not only make me limp, it was enough to make me curse out loud with every step. Lasted until I arrived a couple of minutes later at the gritless grocery store.

Got home and there was a letter in the mailbox from the property tax board.

Anyone who doubts that any of these events took place exactly as described can ask my Wife and Partner, my Best Best Friend Joyce, who will corroborate everything I reported (except for the transient severe lower leg pain which I did not report to Joyce).

And you know what? They were playing a Corrine Bailey Ray song at the gritless grocery store which I was singing along to. The young girl at the register commented that she loved the song- something about “Sapphire in faded jeans- I hope you get your dreams. So, go ahead , let your hair down”.

The checker recognized a kindred CBR fan so I gave her my card with which she could check out my three albums, my book of poetry, and my autobiography ( all on my website-Lew Hopson

So, all things considered, it was STILL a good day.

G’day, mate!


Lew Lew

8 AM Again

Finally actually started writing the revision of my autobiography preparatory to converting the hard cover book into an audio version.

Let’s see how long it takes me to do more actual writing on the manuscript after I walk Bucket.

He has a habit of presenting himself for a walk and leaving no doubt as to what he wants.

Needless to say, he tickles the hell out of me.

Smart dog.


Lew Lew

Bucket Takes A Knee

Bucket Takes A Knee

Who’s Awake At Eight?

For a bunch of years, I woke up at 5 or 6 AM ready to start my day. That habit persisted until I “retired” from a forty year career as Physician Assistant in January of 2015.

Continuing the comfortable tradition/position of going to bed when I get tired and sleepy enough and waking up when I had enough sleep, I now find myself instantly and completely awake at 8 AM clear-eyed and usually with a thought or two about what I would do with my day or at least an idea about how I could add to my day in some creative way- whether that be a song idea or a snatch of poetry or an idea for a blog topic or whatever.

Question: Is there anybody out there routinely awake ( and functioning) at 8 AM? And if there is, how about meeting up with me

"I put time in the equation"...

“I put time in the equation”…

this early in the morning on some kind of regular basis and exchanging thought-images?

After all, isn’t that what blogs are for?

In the meantime, have the rest of a great day. I’m off to re-read and re-write my autobiography.


Lew Lew



Too Many Irons

I have a habit of attempting too many projects at the same time.

For instance, I have a screenplay that is tight, so tight that I have to flesh it out to 120 pages from the merely 87 pages that it encompasses so far.

Most successful screenplays follow a well-established paradigm which includes a specific length that allows for the author to hit certain stops within the paradigm. These spots, like Plot Points and length of Intro and Resolution, etc. depend on the script to be long enough to accommodate these insertions according to the paradigm.

So, now I am engaging in adding to the screenplay at the same time that I am re-reading my autobiography with an eye to dropping a long passage that most readers agree should no be there and adding some stuff that I feel that I left out.Once that’s done, I have laid plans to convert the hard-cover book into an AUDIO version thru ACX.

And that’s not ALL I am doing! Get where I am going with this? I KNOW it’s too much at one time.

It’s just a hard habit to break. Oh, well. Back to work.

Have the rest of a great day.

After work

After work

Lew Lew

Twitter, Blab, Just Unfollow

Hi, gang! In an effort to let the world know about this unsigned singer/songwriter with three albums on CD Baby and and i-Tunes- a guy who writes grown-folks Rhythm and Blues in the tradition of AL Green and Curtis Mayfield who is currently working on his FORTH album,  am committing to Twitter, Blab, Just Unfollow, and Facebook to GET THE WORD OUT.


There’s a new R&B sheriff in town.

That would be ME!

You all can help out by tuning in.As my good friend Rachel Maddow says, “Watch this space”.


Lew Lew